Hello from Ireland

Say hello to Joe the Pony. He lives somewhere between Cong Village and Lough Nafooey, about an hour northwest of Galway, Ireland.

It’s simply taking me too darn long to write about my first Eurotrip, so here’s a short postcard from Ireland to start. I met Joe the Pony along the drive to Kylemore Abbey, a Victorian estate behind a great Irish (true) tale of romance. In a nutshell: man marries wife, wife falls in love with honeymoon location, man builds wife a castle there, they live at the castle till she dies. But more on that later.

For now, suffice it to say that Joe is one of many friends of Mike D., the Galway Tour Company driver who led us on this trip. During our off-the-itinerary stop to say hi, Mike sliced up some peaches and encouraged us to feed Joe some peaches. I’m guessing ponies are smart, because this one trotted right up to the fence the moment our bus pulled over. His muzzle tickled.

And those stone walls in the background? It’s true, they’re everywhere in rural Ireland. Just like in the movies.

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