christine wei travel writer editorHi there. I’m a journalist, editor, and researcher with eight years of publishing experience. For me, journalism is ultimately about meeting amazing people, telling their stories, and finding the human connection. My wanderlust is largely driven by a desire to try on different ways of approaching and experiencing life — and the same can probably be said of my obsession for food and the arts.

I was most recently the editor of ShermansTravel, and my work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler,, Elite Traveler, FATHOM, Disney’s, New York Family, and Mochi Magazine (an online startup that I top edit). Wordsmithing aside, I’ve spent many hours fact-checking, copyediting, analyzing traffic data, boosting SEO, and spearheading social media initiatives at many of these publications. I also provide  branded content and client work.

Off hours, you can usually find me on the streets of San Francisco or NYC breathing in more calories than I should or dreaming of new destinations to explore. Want to be my friend? I can never turn down a trip to a charming cafe or say “no” to a glass of wine. Otherwise, you can find me on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, or drop me a line at hello [at] christinewei [dot] com. I’d love to hear from you.

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