Digital Marketing

Email Marketing
I’ve produced weekly newsletters and dedicated blasts for various editorial, corporate, and volunteer clients. Some mailings have had national audiences of up to 3 million while others had more targeted readership. For Indivisible SF, weekly emails highlighted one or two issues, action items, and local events. Dedicated blasts included emergency actions and special campaigns.

Content Marketing
For two years, I managed content marketing at ShermansTravel, including assigning and editing 15-20 weekly articles. Since, I’ve produced branded features, slideshows, and microsites.

Social Media Strategy
I ran a number of social media teams during my publishing days and developed multi-platform campaigns that spanned social media, email, digital and physical collateral, and events. As the first official social media manager at ShermansTravel, I grew the brand’s social following by 58% in under a year. In the political space, I’ve produced a social media toolkit for a digital day of action promoting a CA police demilitarization bill.

As the editor of a travel website, I played a key part in boosting organic traffic by managing SEO and shaping content marketing strategy accordingly. I monitored analytics weekly and used the data to identify reader interest and to determine what content readers would find most helpful. Along with (re)writing blog post metadata to improve general search ranking health, these efforts doubled organic traffic in under a year.

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