Internal Communications

It’s one thing to cook up great strategies for an organization and another to have everyone adopt them. That’s where strong internal processes and clear documentation come in.

In publishing positions, I’ve managed editorial calendars that coordinated website, social media, and email content.

For Indivisible SF, I created a primer on the various ways that a press team can support and amplify their efforts as well as a help request form. The form doubled as a planning tool, with questions that encourage organizers to think about strategy alignment and metrics.

Project management
Also for Indivisible SF, I also helped to engineer a project management system that shepherds the entire range of member efforts, from direct actions to online campaigns to internal structure. At the core of this setup is a proposal and commenting process that serves dual purposes of 1) getting member buy-in and 2) de-siloing different efforts and making it easier for volunteers to spot opportunities to step up.

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