Writing & Editing

Feature articles, lists, slideshows, and factsheets are all formats that I’ve mastered in my ten years of journalism experience. I have a knack for distilling niche information and complex events into accessible highlights for a general audience. My outlets have included National Geographic, Time Inc., Travel+Leisure, and TimeOut.

Other writing
As a part of my grassroots work, I’ve produced content such as:

  • A social media toolkit mobilizing Californians to voice support for AB 3131, a state bill for demilitarizing law enforcement
  • A “live transcript” of the SFO Airport protest against the first Muslim Ban, which prompted a journalist to quote me in an article about the Resistance
  • A post about a legal observer training, with key information on ICE raids, a legal observer’s role in sweeps, and related national and local resources

My copyediting training comes from a summer at National Geographic, and I was an on-staff editor for many years in the travel, lifestyle, and social commentary spaces. Since, I’ve done developmental editing, copyediting, and fact-checking for articles, emails, websites, and more.

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