Brussels sprouts braised with bacon and apple

Bacon makes everything better…even brussels sprouts.

I found this recipe in The Bacon Cookbook during my recent bacon frenzy and really loved how beautifully all its flavors came together. For those of you who aren’t usually fans of bitter veggies, the apple does a great job of balancing out the mini cabbages. And I know bacon speaks for itself, but I wanted to sing praises for how its savory smokiness adds delicious depth to the dish anyhow.

Since it was my first time cooking brussels sprouts ever, I wanted to make sure I was doing the prep work correctly. Because the sprouts I picked up at the market were rather large, I chopped them in half and scored them according to this video instead of cutting Xs on the bases.

All in all, it’s a deliciously buttery dish that’s hearty enough for a rainy spring day and bright enough for the luckier days of nicer weather. Mm mm good!