Why you should visit the Holiday Shops after Christmas Day

Practical to walk through when you need goodies to slip under the tree, this miniature village of shops is inspiring even after you’ve exchanged all your gifts. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to brave the holiday shopping crowd and ventured out to the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. Though I was hunting for stocking stuffers at the time, it wasn’t the trinkets and artwork and food stalls that held my attention. It was the shops themselves.

It was my first time walking through the 100+ glass-encased kiosks, and in the dark along the cobblestone paths of the park, they really did look like the jewel boxes that inspired their design. And about six steps in from 42nd street, I saw why these illuminated shops have always been amongst the city’s favorites: within their four shiny walls, the decor and setup are works of art as much as the handcrafted goods they housed.